Formula Six Association

2014 Rotax Max DD2 World Champion and ex F6 competitor Sean Babington leads 2001 Honda Cadet Formula 6 Champion and multi World Champion Ben Cooper

during the last 2014 Euromax round at Salbris.

(Photo courtesy Paul Babington)


Rochester Motor Club held a meeting of the Directors (John Arnold, Ron McCabe, Jon Low, and Roger Sheffield) on 17th May, supported by Anne-Marie and Vince Lepine and Kelvin Nicholls.


After considerable discussion, sadly, the Board voted unanimously in favour of “winding up” the Company (Club). There appears no alternative other than “Mothballing” the club but the view is that it will be impossible to “restart” and will cost money to keep extant.


This will probably not be finalised until the end of this year. There are certain procedures to be completed and we are obliged by law to prepare and submit accounts for the trading year ending 2016 to Companies House. We wish to avoid any continuation of trade into next year.


We have considered the small amount of Club’s assets (other than money) but there is little or no prospect of obtaining any value from the disposal of same. Much is badged and unique to RMC/F6 and cannot be reused,


Our Constitution requires “ the event of winding up any surplus funds are donated to a related organisation”. Consequently, we are pleased to consider any suggestions for “deserving charities” that are related. Suggestions so far include:

•  The Local Air Ambulance (Kent, Surrey and Sussex)

•  B. E. N.

•  British Racing Marshalls Club

•  Brooklands Motor Museum


It is truly a sad decision but truthfully, the only real option. I take much pleasure from knowing that many of our drivers have gone on to bigger and better things. Some of our younger ones are starting to get up the ladder and my hope is that one day we might have a graduate of F6 in a F1 seat. We have been close in the past but never quite got there! I wish you all well in your chosen sport and trust that you have enjoyed your experiences with F6 and RMC as much as I have, over something in excess of twenty years!


Best wishes

Roger Sheffield (Director RMC & Chairman F6)